Leadership in Turbulent Times

November 11th, 2021

09:00 GMT

Nader Talai

Welcome & kickoff

09:20 GMT

Clarke Ching

Cash cows make the best burgers.

10:10 GMT

Marcus Dimbleby

Thinking differently – the essential capability of true leaders.

11:00 GMT

Peter Weingärtner

Alignment is key – SAFe with Atlassian Tools.

11:50 GMT

John Coleman

“hit delete” how simplifying your organization avoids agility being just a team sport.

12:45 GMT

Dr Jonathan Clark

Doubt, Uncertainty and Leadership

14:10 GMT

Dr Steve Mayner

Thriving in Turbulent Times: Adaptive Leadership and the Scaled Agile Framework.

15:00 GMT

Bjarte Bogsnes

Beyond Budgeting – Business agility in practice.

15:45 GMT

After party

Why attend?

Welcome to a conference around the theme "Leadership in Turbulent Times".

“Support of top management is not sufficient. It is not enough that top management commit themselves for life to quality and productivity. They must know what it is that they are committed to — that is, what they must do. These obligations can not be delegated. Support is not enough: action is required.” W. Edwards Deming 

source: https://deming.org/quotes/10196/

Lean-Agile Leadership is a foundational competency for business agility and requires leaders to lead by example. In our first conference, we have gathered an exceptional group of thought leaders and change agents who share their views and approach on the role of leadership in guiding their organisation, department or team to navigate uncertainty.

Our Visionary
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Clarke Ching

Clarke Ching

Cash Cows make the Best Burgers

Profit is, for businesses, like oxygen is for humans – we need it to exit, but it’s not the reason you exist. In this talk, Clarke will show you three ways tech leaders can make more money for their businesses by thinking.

Marcus Dimbleby

Marcus Dimbleby

Thinking differently - the essential capability of true leaders.

We hide behind comforting lies in so many aspects of our lives, fearful of facing the hard truths, not even trusting ourselves to do so, let alone others. Many businesses die because of self-inflicted wounds, lying to themselves for so long that it becomes their reality. To survive, leaders need to think differently; to thrive, they need to enable their people likewise.

In this session

  • The leadership challenge in a VUCA world.
  • Why critical thinking is critical!
  • A brief history of Red Teaming.
  • An overview of the science and psychology behind this revolutionary capability.
  • An introduction to the tools and techniques that enable applied critical thinking.
  • How to enable critical and contrarian thinking without fear of reprisal.
  • The realization that new Ways of Working require a new Way of Thinking.
Peter Weingärtner

Peter Weingärtner

Alignment is key - SAFe with Atlassian Tools

Agile Leadership is based on values.  Transparency throughout all levels is crucial to get everyone aligned with your strategies and allow for constant feedback and learning.  Atlassian Jira is a great tool to support agile teams but has its limitations in scaling.

Get to know two very different software that helps large organizations leverage Jira to manage even the most complex SAFe-environments, Atlassian Jira Align and Agile Hive by Seibert Media.

“hit delete” how simplifying your organization avoids agility being just a team sport.

“Let’s explore the unintended consequences of expecting teams to be agile when we haven’t cultivated the right environment. Instead of buying “agility in a box,” what can we do to foster the growth of authentic, sustainable organizational agility?

Part of the answer might be in improving executive agility.

Glacial evolution at the executive level often results in people giving up hope on the dream of organizational agility, even those initially enthusiastic about it. There are agility frameworks tailored for teams, teams of teams, managers, leaders, finance, and people operations.

This talk will focus on executives in tech and non-tech environments and the people supporting them. Let’s look at how deleting specific executive behaviors could avoid the feeling that agility is just about teams. Perhaps we can attain executive agility by deleting unhelpful behaviors one at a time. We don’t have a proven recipe, but maybe we can strive to have fewer “agile-gone-wrong stories” by better understanding the urgency required for these deletions?

In this discussion, we’ll explore:

  • The observable executive behaviors that might indicate what to address first.
  • Actionable steps towards deleting the above behaviors.
  • Being aware of side effects from starting elsewhere. Real-life examples about the impact deleting certain behaviors had on organizational agility.
  • Where you can begin to affect change.


Jonathan Clark

Jonathan Clark

Doubt, Uncertainty and Leadership

We have all experienced how volatile, unpredictable, chaotic and ambiguous our world has become. Perhaps you have caught yourself wishing for less doubt and more certainty?  It would not be unusual; as humans, we seek certainty, direction, clarity. But how is this even possible these days?

The prescient Douglas Adams memorably saw all this turmoil coming, of course: “We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!” But what if doubt and uncertainty is actually the key to modern leadership? Doubt lies at the heart of self-awareness and humility. Doubt drives curiosity and learning. Doubt helps us seek feedback. Doubt leads us to listen to the detractors and not to ignore them. Doubt helps us questions our biases.

This workshop-like session will explore doubt and uncertainty and how we can use it to be better leaders, using a case study and breakouts.

Dr Steve Mayner

Dr Steve Mayner

Thriving in Turbulent Times: Adaptive Leadership and the Scaled Agile Framework

Organizations in every industry across the globe are intensely focused on increasing agility,
adaptability, and innovation. The operating environment for incumbent market leaders is more turbulent than at any time in recent history. Emerging technologies, disruptive start-ups, globalization, social and political unrest, generational shifts, and even the COVID-19 pandemic have all contributed to a context for leaders that is infinitely more challenging than anything most have ever experienced. Many leaders may feel inadequately prepared for this brave new world, and yet it is leaders who have the authority and responsibility to guide their organizations successfully through challenging times.

Thriving in the digital age requires a new way of working, and a new way of leading. Harvard professors, and authors Marty Linsky and Ronald Heifetz describe the skills to guide organizations through turbulent times as “adaptive leadership.” Fortunately, for organizations adopting SAFe, many of the elements of adaptive leadership are built into the values, principles, and practices of the Scaled Agile Framework.

In this presentation, Dr. Steve Mayner, SAFe Fellow, and expert on leadership and organizational change will provide an overview of Linsky and Heifetz’s model, and how SAFe specifically enables leaders to build the competencies that will help their enterprises succeed in the digital age.


Bjarte Bogsnes

Bjarte Bogsnes

Beyond Budgeting - Business agility in practice

In this session I will cover the problems with traditional management, including budgeting.

  • The Beyond Budgeting principles and companies on the journey
  • Equinor’s “Ambition to Action” model
    • Redefining performance dynamic and relative with a holistic performance evaluation
    • Dynamic forecasting and resource allocation and no traditional budgets
    • From calendar-driven to event-driven; a more self-regulating management model
  • Implementation experiences and advice

About Event organizer

Value Glide enables organisations who want to thrive in the digital age with their Scaled Agile Framework®, SAFe® adoption.

We accelerate your digitisation journey with Value Stream Aligned Teams and align the strategy with execution through Lean Portfolio Management with Agile Release Trains, who will frequently deliver reliable, innovative solutions that customers desire.

We are a Gold SPCT Scaled Agile Partner specialising in guiding organisations through their Scaled Agile Framework®, SAFe® journey.

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Event Speakers

Marcus Dimbleby
Vice President, Red Team Thinking
John Coleman
agility chef
Bjarte Bogsnes
Chair, Beyond Budgeting Roundtable
Clarke Ching
the bottleneck guy
Dr Steve Mayner
SAFe Fellow
Dr Jonathan Clark
Independent advisor on Strategy & Innovation

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