Value Stream Mapping Workshop Promotion

First company to sign up for the Value Stream Mapping workshop gets it free of charge. Second company gets a 90% discount and the third company gets a 80% discount. Promotion ends 20 December 2023. Terms and conditions are below.

What does a Value Stream Mapping workshop provide?

🚀 Exclusive Offer: Revolutionize Your Technology Solutions with Our Value Stream Mapping Workshop – Act Fast!

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First-Come, First-Served: An Offer You Can't Ignore:

  • First Mover Advantage: The initial registrant receives the workshop absolutely FREE!
  • Next in Line Rewards: A staggering 90% discount for the second, and 80% for the third.
  • Full prices apply thereafter - Time is of the essence!

Why This Unprecedented Deal?

  • We seek success stories and honest feedback for our marketing arsenal.
  • Showcase the transformation in your operations post-workshop.
  • A candid share, whether it's a roaring success or a rare miss, is invaluable to us.

Qualification Criteria: Are You the Perfect Fit?

  • Organizations using software-enabled solutions to meet customer needs.
  • A value stream consisting of at least 80 dedicated professionals.
  • Your product/solution should be a key revenue generator for your business.
  • Must be located in or within a 50-mile radius of London, UK.

🌟 What's in It for You?

  • A chance to dramatically improve your product delivery with expert guidance.
  • Significant cost savings on a service that can redefine your business processes.

📣 Ready to Transform Your Business? Hurry, opportunities like this don't last! Secure your spot and become a benchmark for success in software solutions!


Time to market

Get as much as a 69% decrease in time to market.



Achieve as much as a 50% increase in employee satisfaction.



Achieve as much as a 58% increase in customer approval.



Reduce the burden on product teams by as much as 35%

Pricing Plan

VSM Promotional Offer

Meet and agree to the terms and conditions, and the VSM workshop could be yours Free of charge!

First commitment

% 100
  • Free VSM Workshop

Second Commitment

% 90
  • You pay £495.

Third commitment

% 80
  • You pay £990.

Fourth Commitment

% 0
  • You pay £4,950.

Ready to get started?